Simple: Minimalist Reflex Game

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Languages : English
Content Rating : 4+
Size : 72MB

Simple: Minimalist Reflex Game by Maciej Zak has been developed to test your reflexes, train your reactions and sharpen your response time in a very fun and addictive way. If you want endless hours of fun while still being able to feel like you’re being productive while playing a casual game, this game is a sure winner. Try to beat Simple: the never-ending gravity orb game on long trip or while you have time to kill! Just remember, wait for the blocks to fall towards the orb at the bottom and don’t tap before or after while avoiding the block edges or the game is over. The game has increasing difficulty as you progress through the stages. This is one my favorite games because of its ingenious and simplistic nature that is both addictive and intuitive. It’s entertaining and provides hours upon hours of fun.