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Languages : English, French, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish
Content Rating : 4+
Size : 147MB

Panmorphia is based upon a legend that a sentinel child is in each generation and is bound to the land of Panmorphia and the four elements that govern it. It happens to be the first point-and-click adventure game from LKMAD and the scenic photography of the game is provided by photos of the island of Cyprus, which adds natural beauty and gorgeous coloration. Players can morph into a cat, bird or fish and gain a unique perspective of Panmorphia and there are many items to collect and a host of challenging puzzles to solve. It is definitely a great game for exercising your mind and there is also a dynamic map and notebook that track your discoveries as you progress through the game. Minor drawbacks is that the game takes a second or two to load each screen and the controls are a bit finicky but overall it’s a great game and one not to be passed over.