Mobile Royale

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Languages : English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese
Content Rating : 9+
Size : 441MB

Fortnite has been a dominant force in the gaming world and now they have released an Android phenomenon fantasy based game named Battle Royale that is set in the world of Vollandia where war has been carrying on for centuries. It is a strategy MMO game features terrific 3D graphics involves the structuring of cities by adding buildings and architectural upgrades amongst a lush mountainous landscape. Players will also be going on quests to engage in battle for resources and gain experience to advance levels while striving to become the Holy Ruler. Not to anyone’s surprise, Mobile Royale is a game that includes beasts, dwarves, elves, humans, goblins, dragons, various monsters and magic. The dragon is your ally and will assist you during the game as you engage in distinct full on battles the include rows of infantry that attack in block formation. The game is very tactical as you have the ability to send three different brigades into battle that possess different effects. Players have great level of control during battles since each character has a spirit bar that charges as you fight. Once a bar is fully charge, you have the ability to unleash the character’s particular skill and you also are able to deploy your dragon and your brigade effect whenever needed. Mobile Royale is a fantastic MMO game with many awesome features and an epic storyline that will addictively entertain players for countless hours.